Friday, 29 May 2015

Technical Drawing exam - 3rd ESO C

The exam will be held on Wednesday, June 10 for 3rd CC and on Thursday, June 11 for 3rd CD.
A new exam for 3rd B on Friday 12 and for 3rd A on Wednesday 17. 

Don't panic!
Remember that for your Technical Drawing exam you will have to study the vocabulary and the constructions we have practised. You have your notebook, your worksheets and the previous vocabulary exams to study.

Besides, you will have these links:

And here you have some videos to review.

Remember that to study technical drawing you have to DRAW and try the different constructions several times. Study the vocabulary too.

Don't forget to bring your drawing equipment (ruler, set squares, pencils -2H and HB- and compass).

Should you have any questions feel free yo use a comment in this article or send an email.

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