Australian ART

Sebastian is one of our wonderful language assistants. He is from Astralia, so, as I usually do every year, I asked him to prepare something about Art in his country. He chose ABORIGINAL ART, and all together have discovered X-Ray Art, aboriginal symbols and what is more, a piece of a great and unknown culture for all of us.

It has been a great journey down under!.

Recommended videos inside presentation: 


You have to make your own Aboriginal Painting on a Boomerang. You have to use Aboriginal Symbols and try to create a Dreamtime story.


ABORIGINAL ART - 1st A ESO 2012/2013 on PhotoPeach

ABORIGINAL ART - 1st B ESO 2012/2013 on PhotoPeach

ABORIGINAL ART - 1st C ESO 2012/2013 on PhotoPeach

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  1. Rosa, ¿can we download it? And if so, ¿how?


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