Thursday, 24 November 2016

Your digital typography

Link to the padlet

Made with Padlet

Digital Typography

First of all... a game for all the group:

Alphabets - Typography on PhotoPeach

And now, some interactive activities:
Activities for the computer room
  • Look, you will be able to build your name using letters from Flickr. Look at my name:
 letter O letra S letra A

If you want to build yours, this is the link: You only have to write the name in the white box, click on "spell" and you will get your letters. If you want to change the type, just click on each letter and a new one will apperar.  Click right mouse button on each letter to save it as a jpg image. You can use them in your school homeworks, posters, in headlines, titles, headings... or just to write a letter or a greeting card to a friend. This is more original than using Word or PowerPoint WordArt. Isn´t it?.
  • Periodic table writer. Try! 
  • Try another one. Using the software CoolText, we transform a text into amazing icons. I have used it and this is what I got:
  • The following one is in French, but I'm sure you will do with it: Coloriage Prenom.

Letters can be used to create whatever you like. Have a look:
Do you want to try?
And more:

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Stippling and Pointllism

STIPPLING (just dotting)

Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of value or shading by using small dots. Such a pattern may occur in nature and these effects are frequently emulated by artists.

Google Search "Stippling"


Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism. The technique relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the color spots into a fuller range of tones.

Google Search "Pointillism"
Paul SignacFemmes au Puits, 1892, showing a detail with constituent colors. Musée d'Orsay, Paris. Public Domain.
Detail showing pointillism technique. Instead of painting outlines and shapes with brush strokes and areas of color, pointillism builds up the image from separate colored dots of paint. From a distance, the dots merge to some extent and appear to be areas of shaded tones, but the colors have an extra vibrancy from the juxtaposition of contrasting dots.

Go to Google Arts & Culture (former Google Art Project) and visit Seurat's artworks.
Zoom in his pointillist artworks

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Complementary colours

CYAN...........................................ORANGE (yellow+magenta)
MAGENTA.............................................GREEN (yellow+cyan)

Saturday, 8 October 2016


TYPOGRAPHY is what language looks like. 
It is the art and technics of type design.

Type the sky

Type the sky is an original project by Lisa Rienermann, a student of Duisburg-Essen University. Each letter is an empty space in the sky of Barcelona surrounded by buildings. She says: "Todo comenzó por la Q. Estaba en una pequeña calle de Barcelona y al mirar hacia arriba vi las casas, el cielo y las nubes. El área oscurecida por las casas dejaba entrever una forma en el cielo que parecía una Q. Esa fue la idea de la técnica. Pensé que si una Q me había encontrado a mi, no sería difícil que yo encontrara al resto del alfabeto. De modo que pasé semanas mirando al cielo, buscando el resto de las letras entre las casas."


Eating from A to Z! By Luiza P. (Flicker user). She says: “This project was conceived as a way to document my eating habits and routine, through the creation of an alphabet.“

A pop-up book.

Human alphabets
Human Alphabets 3

Human alphabets 2
Human alphabets 1

More examples:

  • Draw me a song: take a look to these wonderful typography examples. Posters.
  • Modular typography: Made typography using half moon shape as the negative space between box shapes. Then translated into cardboard sculptures mimicking the same design elements. Sculptures.
  • Fillingraphy on typography. Cakes!