Sunday, 21 October 2018

3D Design with triangulation

Imagen "Polygon face", de Geierundide-commonswiki. Licencia CC BY-NC 3.0 

Sculptris is a free sculpting and 3D design software you have to download from Pixologic and install in your PC.

Here I will introduce you into Sculptris a free 3d modeling program. In this video we will go over the basics of the program to help you understand the basics and the power of this program. From there we will go on to sculpting small projects and models and then delve into larger and more advanced models. I hope to guide you as you learn the 3D.

Sculptris is the smallest brother of Zbrush. In video 1 you will see both used to create a dragon. And you can create very different things (video 2):

  1. You will have to create a sea creature (endangered animal) using Sculptris.

2D-3D Triangulation

Image from Pixabay License CC0 Public Domain
Image from Pixabay License CC0 Public Domain

More examples with animals


Saturday, 22 September 2018


First of all... a game for all the group:

Alphabets - Typography on PhotoPeach

TYPOGRAPHY is what language looks like. 
It is the art and technics of type design.

Type the sky

Type the sky is an original project by Lisa Rienermann, a student of Duisburg-Essen University. 

Each letter is an empty space in the sky of Barcelona surrounded by buildings. She says: "Todo comenzó por la Q. Estaba en una pequeña calle de Barcelona y al mirar hacia arriba vi las casas, el cielo y las nubes. El área oscurecida por las casas dejaba entrever una forma en el cielo que parecía una Q. Esa fue la idea de la técnica. Pensé que si una Q me había encontrado a mi, no sería difícil que yo encontrara al resto del alfabeto. De modo que pasé semanas mirando al cielo, buscando el resto de las letras entre las casas."


Eating from A to Z! By Luiza P. (Flicker user). 

She says: “This project was conceived as a way to document my eating habits and routine, through the creation of an alphabet.“

A pop-up book.

Human alphabets
Human Alphabets 3

Human alphabets 2
Human alphabets 1

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines

How do we use the set square?
You have to handle your set square softly and with accuracy without too much pressure on them, only the needed one to avoid movement.

  1. The 45 set square hypotenuse (longest side) is placed attached to the line to which we want to draw the parallels (GUIDE).
  2. The 60-30 set square hypotenuse is attached to the 45 set square leg.
  3. Fix the 60-30 set square and move the 45 set square upwards or downwards drawing the desired parallel lines along its hypotenuse.

If we want to draw perpendicular lines to one direction, we will have to follow the first two steps as stated for parallel lines and then the following ones:
  1. Having fixed the 60-30 set square, the 45 set square is turned until the other leg is attached to the hypotenuse of the 60-30 set square.
  2. Draw the perpendicular line along the hypotenuse of the 45 set square.

Let's review how to draw parallel and perpendicular lines using the triangular set squares.

Eva A., 1st A recorded, some years ago, a video at home for us. It is GREAT!!!!
Thank you very much Eva.

Although it is not exactly the way I want you to place the set square 45 degrees ruler, it is a good idea to see this video because the author is Indian and you will hear a different accent.

For left-handed students:

Pencil scale

You will need:
  1. 2H or 3H pencil - for technical drawing
  2. HB pencil - for writing and sketches


This is a task I like doing when we begin a new course. It let me get to know you, learn your names and, by the way, we work with a "popurrí" of items which will be a review of EPVA: elements of art and technical drawing (parallelism, perpendicularity, Thales), image, typography, visual elements (dots, lines, shapes, colours, textures), design process, sketching ...


You will see your artworks published in this blog very soon....

Reviewing the elements of Art