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Kostyn is one of our language assistants. He is from Wisconsin, USA. I invited him to tell us something about art in his country and he chose a great architect who was born in Wisconsin: Frank Lloyd Wright.

I have to tell you that Lloyd Wright is one of the most admired and studied architects even in our Spanish Architecture Universities. Thanks, Kostyn!. 

Link Kostyn presentation

More information:

Kostyn prepared an activity for students focusing on what they have learned in the presentation. They had to design a home that connect the building with its natural landcape. They were given four different possible  landscapes (desert, snowy forest, beach and mountains) and these are some of the results:

Frank Lloyd Wright - 1st A on PhotoPeach

Frank Lloyd Wright - 1st B on PhotoPeach

Frank Lloyd Wright - 1st C on PhotoPeach

Simon and Garfurkel created a song about this architect!

And here you have a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House, his most important house:

Frank Lloyd Wright Johnson Wax Administrative Building in Wisconsin:

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  1. Thank you Rosa and Kostyn for showing us such a marvelous architect, and letting me know more about the fascinating world of architecture. Also congratulations for your amazing PowerPoint


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