Monday, 21 November 2011

Your tasks: BRITISH EMBASSY'S CHRISTMAS: E-card Christmas

Ainhoa G. and Patricia G., 1st A

Estefanya C. and Antonio G., 1st A

Rocío J., 1st A

José G., 1st A

Santiago S., José Tomás and Carla G., 1st A

Sandra M. and Celia S., 1st A

Rocío M., 1st B

Diego A., 1st B

Andrés P., 1st C, enlace

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas Card Competition

Design an interactive Christmas E-card for the British Embassy in Madrid, win 250 Euros for your school and get your design seen by hundreds of people in Spain and the UK.

Christmas E-card :
It is a Christmas made using ICT (computers) to be emailed. You can use PowerPoint, Glogster, Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, Photoscape... whatever software you are good at.


The competition is open to pupils aged 13-14 studying in the 1st – 2nd nd Year of the bilingual schools project of the Comunidad de Madrid.


We have chosen the theme of the London 2012 Olympic Games and would like your design to reflect what you consider best represents the attractions of the London Olympic Games. The card should include a suitable Christmas message and should be as interactive as possible.

How to Enter

Create your interactive Christmas card which must include a Christmas Message and the name of your school in the bottom left-hand corner. Don’t forget that the theme is “What’s so great about the London 2012 Olympic Games”. Send your entries to my E-mail address or give them to me with your pendrive.

Deadline for entries

All entries must be received by Tuesday 22 November, so you will have to send them to me before the deadline.
The winning E-card will be decided by a panel of British Embassy chosen judges.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Symmetry and polygons with ICT

Simetría de figuras planas


Symmetry with ICT

Activities for the computer classroom

Line symmetry
Multiple line symmetry
  • Snowflake Creation. Multiple line symmetry.
  • SymmeToy. You can download it (it's free). It is a program for creating paint patterns, symmetry roses, tessellated art and symmetrically decorated 3D polyhedron models.
Rotational symmetry



Mythological monsters

Let's see how creative you are.
First of all you have to find out the meaning of these words and add them to your vocabulary list:
  • abominable snowman
  • android
  • dragon
  • Martian
  • mermaid
  • nessie
  • ogre
  • phoenix
  • robot
  • snowman
  • sphinx
  • ghost
  • unicorn
  • vampire
  • werewolf
Afterwards, you will have to choose two of them and create a drawing to be painted in a sheet of paper (A4). You can choose the techniques you feel are most appropriate for the task (free style techniques).

Last but not least, you will have to explain your drawing on the back page (of course, in English).


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween BSO

Thanks to "Mangas Verdes" blog, 150 songs and noises for Halloween.

Halloween with ICT

Wanda Witch's House
If you want to learn about this celebration and practice its vocabulary, click on the pictures: (remember: right button of the mouse AND OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW, in order not to go out of this blog)

You should choose English, of course

About Halloween
Working in class
Dressing your Halloween

Jack O' Lantern Lab. Create your pumpkin and its face.

Bloompetals. Create your own pumpkin cutting it with a knife. -->Read carving instructions.

Squigly's Games. Puzzles, jigsaws...

JibJab videos. As always... terrific, in Halloween, too. Did you know it? You can do it as well but you will need to register (although it's free).

 Some Quizzes to practice your vocabulary: