Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween with ICT

Wanda Witch's House
If you want to learn about this celebration and practice its vocabulary, click on the pictures: (remember: right button of the mouse AND OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW, in order not to go out of this blog)

You should choose English, of course

About Halloween
Working in class
Dressing your Halloween

Jack O' Lantern Lab. Create your pumpkin and its face.

Bloompetals. Create your own pumpkin cutting it with a knife. -->Read carving instructions.

Squigly's Games. Puzzles, jigsaws...

JibJab videos. As always... terrific, in Halloween, too. Did you know it? You can do it as well but you will need to register (although it's free).

 Some Quizzes to practice your vocabulary:

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