Sunday, 18 March 2018

Lines in Art: Picasso

Lesson: Picassian Lines on Google Sites

Picasso was a Spanish painter (Málaga 1881-1973). He is widely known for co-founding CUBISM (CUBIST Movement).
More about Picasso.

You are going to learn how to create a portrait in Picasso´s double face style. Follow the instructions and... I'm not going to stop the video, so...

Part 2
More ideas: Clay Picasso faces

  • Picasso Memory. Based on Picasso's masterpieces at "Museo Picasso de Barcelona".
  • Picasso puzzle. "Las Meninas de Picasso". Jigsaw puzzle.
  • Picassohead. Be a digital Picasso. After getting to know the tool, you will have to draw a portrait similar to that one you have handmade previously following the video instructions. You Placan do it in black line or in colours, it's your choice. When finished, sign it and save it on to the gallery using a name beginning with SARAMAGO, your course and group and your name and the first letter of your surname. For example: SARAMAGO1DRosaF. That will be the way I will find your tasks. Of course, you can also use my email.

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