Thursday, 3 March 2011

Posters on-line: Glogster

Glogster is a social network that allows users to create free interactive posters, or "glogs". The glog, short for graphical blog, is an interactive multimedia image. It looks like a poster, but readers can interact with the content. Currently this social network has hundreds of thousands registered users. The majority of the Glogster community are teenagers.
Glogster provides an environment to design interactive posters. The user inserts text, images, photos, audio (MP3), videos, special effects and other elements into their glogs to generate a multimedia online creation. Posters can be shared with other people. Glogs can also be exported and saved to computer-compatible formats.

So, you will be able to generate a poster with this tool in order to congratulate a friend, to express yourself, the music or sports your are fond of, social poster or even a school task (instead of using PowerPoint, for example) and you will be very original.

Have a look to glogs made by 2ºESO for Soldier Kids Contest.

If you want, you can create your ONCE advertisment using this tool, but as we will have to get it printed, it will not be a great idea to insert audio or video elements in your final artwork. You will need to register.

And very important: follow the advices for a good poster we saw some months ago (with Glogster you tend to use too many elements).

You can find more information and examples in my old Spanish Plástica Blog.

A glogster tutorial in English:

A glogster tutorial in Spanish:

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