Thursday, 3 March 2011

How you are managing with Glogster

You and Glogster are getting on fantastically well!
Let's see some examples:
(Do not forget that they are audiovisual posters, so as I have embeded them, you can click on images, videos, graphics...).

By Bartos

By Javier and Patricia

By los que faltaban

By Hanin

By Raúl F.

By Sara and Iulia

By Samuel and Alfonso

Now, you will have to create your team final artwork based on your team handmade sketches and your team glogster tests.

Don't forget it has to include:
  • The advertising campaign slogan.
  • The travel agency's name.
  • Your design team's name.
  • Some pictures and/or background.
  • Something in relation to travels for disabled people (in picture, pictogram or slogan).

A piece of advice:
If you want to use a pictogram for disabled people in Glogster, write in your computer search window PNG with the name of the images type you are looking for. You will get PNG files instead of JPG or BMP files, and therefore you will get pictogram files with a transparent background.


  1. Glogster is awesome! It is very easy to use and very enjoyable. I will propose my groupmates to do the final work with this website. Thanks for the discoverment Rosa

  2. You're wellcome Daniel.
    By the way... "teammates" and "discovery".

  3. hello rosa... can you pun on this page my Glog of the contest of ONCE... Pleaseeeee... =)

  4. Who are you?
    Anyway, these are only some examples of your first tests on Glogster. I will publish your final artworks only when submission deadline has expired.


Recuerda incluir SIEMPRE tu nombre, inicial de tu apellido y el curso (incluye la letra de tu grupo)