Friday, 11 February 2011

Un viaje para tod@s

After the good results in our last contest, now we are going to participate in a new one:

Although I will give you all the instructions, you should visit the contest web: 27 concurso ONCE.


El trabajo consiste en la realización de un cartel publicitario para una agencia de viajes que oferte su mejor producto:
Un viaje para tod@s.
Es decir, aquel viaje que también tenga en cuenta las necesidades de las personas con discapacidad para acceder a él y disfrutarlo en igualdad de oportunidades.
I think the competition is a good opportunity to raise awareness of the limitations of some people and try to make things easier for them on the day to day. Besides, all of you will work in groups (sketches and final work, of course).

It will be a great idea if you visit a real travel agency to inspire you (Viajes acceSIbles, Cruceros sin barreras, AccesibleBarcelona, AdaptamosGroup) or have a look to images in Google in Spanish and in English.

Blind perspective, by Four Docs
This video illustrates the sounds that a blind person hears.

Link to last year ONCE contest. They had to design the cover of a book. You can see every work published in a huge mosaic and a video with a lot of images to inspire you:

"Un viaje para tod@s" task

So, your task will be an advertisment "paid by a travel agency" to persuade potential disabled persons to book a trip, travel, journey, tour, drive, cruise or whatever you can imagine. It will be interesting to read and watch the information I will give you about ADVERTISMENTS and PICTOGRAMS very soon.

Joaquín's Golf. Joaquin Rodrigo was a famous Spanish composer, who, despite becoming blind at the age of three, learned how to play the piano and violin with the help of Braille. But let's pretend that Joaquin liked to get out of the concert hall and play some golf - blindness didn't stop him from composing music, so why should it stop him from whacking a little white ball?.
VozMe. Write something into the box and click to generate an MP3 file. Listen. Do you know what this tool could be used for? 
Loquendo. I'm sure some of you have heard about Loquendo. But you were in a mistake. Try it here.
Computing for disabled people. Have a look to these tools I collected some years ago.

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