Friday, 18 September 2015

The first task: TYPOGRAPHY

This is a task I like doing when we begin a new course. It let me get to know you, learn your names and, by the way, we work with a "popurrí" of items which we are going to work with along the next nine months.

I realize you don't understand very well what your are doing now. Don't worry, you will. We will hang them in our corks and we will have good references for the different topics we are going to deal with, such as technical drawing (parallelism, perpendicularity, Thales), image, typography, visual elements (dots, lines, colours, textures), design process, sketching ...

You will see your drawings published in this blog very soon....


  1. Hello, I'm Sara M from 1st of ESO.
    I like doing sports in my free time and also watch tv.

    1. Hi Sara. Thank you for sharing your likes ;-)

  2. Hello ,I'm Allison G from 1st of ESO
    In my free time i enjoy drawing or doing ritmic gimnastic
    Bye .��


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