Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Image and perception

Do not forget!
  • Task 1: Find in the magazines in the classroom images of the different finalities we have studied. Cut them out and glue in a piece of paper.
  • Task 2: Manipulating an image. 1st ESO. Find a large photograph you like: a favourite musician, car, landscape... Cut your picture into horizontal or vertical strips. Make the strips as wide as you like. Create a feeling of distortion by guing the strips onto the space provided, using a certain order you have previously decided. For example, light to dark, different heights, every third strip upside down, etc. Although it is a simple activity, it can have interesting results if you first think about what effect you wish to create. Here you will find some examples of Image manipulation:
    • Task 3: Manipulating an image. 3rd ESO. You will have to create an Agamograph.(alternate images in accordion). You are going to be given two identical pictures (your photo). You have to paint them in Pop Art style: one of them in black and white, and the second one in colors. Then... we are going to create a 3D optical illution: an agamograph. Here you are some examples:

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