Saturday, 27 September 2014

Joaquín Sorolla and the United States

We are going to visit the exhibition "Sorolla y Estados Unidos" and attend a workshop thanks to "La Fundación Mapfre".

Joaquin SOROLLA's masterpieces, Valencian painter on PhotoPeach

Preparing our visit
Let's play a game in order to prepare our visit.

A- Choose a word and write it down in your notebook:

Wordcloud about Sorolla with Wordle, by Rosa Fernández

B- Now, let's play watching this video: 
Stand up if you listen to your word, and clap your hands when you hear it again.

Self-portrait (1899). Fundación Banco de Santander
C- Are you ready to answer these questions?

  1. Where was Sorolla born?
  2. Where can you find a big reproduction of his work in Valencia?
  3. What's the name of the sea painted by Sorolla?
  4. What does he "capture" about the coast?
  5. What kind of pictures did he paint?
  6. Match: 
  7. Do his paintings look like reality?
  8. How about his brushstrokes? Do you think they are big or tiny ones?
Let's take a look at one Sorolla's painting on Google Art Project. And ... a second one.

Swimmers, Jávea -fragment- (1905). Museo Sorolla

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