Sunday, 6 July 2014

Educación Plástica y Visual - Visual Arts September exam

Examen: 1 de septiembre a las 18:00 h en el aula de dibujo

Contents TO REVIEW:

Remember that in order to study technical drawing you have to DRAW and try the different constructions several times at home. Study the vocabulary too. You can use this blog and your own notebook or a friend's one.

Don't forget to bring your drawing equipment (ruler, set squares, pencils -2H and HB- and compass).


Don't forget to bring your artistic equipment (pencil, coloured pencils, coloured feltpens, markers...).

Just in case you need a new copy of the tasks you should bring in September:

Should you have any question, send me an email or a comment in this article.
You will have time for everything. Study! but... enjoy and have a good summer!

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