Thursday, 5 June 2014

2D shapes in Art: Roy Lichtenstein - POP ART

Roy Lichtentein is another POP ART artist. I'm sure you have seen his artworks in many places.

Ben-Day dots printing process
The Ben-Day dots printing process, named after illustrator and printer Benjamin Henry Day, Jr., is a technique dating from 1879. Depending on the effect, color and optical illusion needed, small colored dots are closely spaced, widely spaced or overlapping. Magenta dots, for example, are widely spaced to create pink.

Benday Dots.svg
To apply the dots to a drawing the artist would purchase transparent overlay sheets. The sheets were available in a wide variety of dot size and distribution, which gave the artist a range of tones to use in the work. The overlay material was cut in the shapes of the tonal areas desired, shadow or background or surface treatment and rubbed onto the specific areas of the drawing with a burnisher.

And... some cheap ideas:

  • Artisamcam Explore Pop Art. Explore the work of Roy Lichtenstein and create your own comic book style using Benday dots just like the famous Pop Artist.

  • Phrase it. Upload a photo and make it be comic style with bubbles and drama!

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