Monday, 21 April 2014

Hallucinate colours!


Newton descubrió la descomposición de la luz y creó el círculo cromático. 

Teníamos que estar a oscuras para verlo, así que... montamos ¡una discoteca! Dirigida por alumnos de 3ºB de ESO, se esmeraron en enseñar los talleres a todos sus compañeros, profesores, auxiliares de conversación y todo el personal del centro.

NEWTON DISCO!!! Hallucinate colours!

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  1. Newton placed another prism upsidedown next to the first prism that has produced the spectrum. Nora.N, 3ºC.

  2. Newton used a second prism made up of cristal but this time upside down to recombine the spectrum. I'm Álvaro P., from 3ºC.

  3. What Newton used to recombine the spectrum of light to produce white light again was a Newton colour disc. This disc consisted on the 7 colours of the rainbow placed in order. He rotated them fastly and the result was the mixing of those colours, representing a white disc. He observed this using 2 triangular prisms placed in different possitions. The first one divided the light into the 7 colours and the other prims recomposed them.
    Iván V. 3ºC

  4. Isaac Newton discovered that if we used a triangular glass prims, and we pass a beam of sunlight thruough it, the sunlight ( white light) will separated into seven colours. Then he tried to turn the seven colours into white light so he discovered that if we put a backwards triangular glass prims , the seven colours will turn into white light (sunlight). Macarena B 3ºC.

  5. He used another prism so that the different colours of the spectrum of light would come back together into white light.
    Alex M 3C

  6. Newton observed that when the white light passed through a prism, it was divided on the 7 colours of the rainbow and always followed the same order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). He also observed that when he put ANOTHER TRIANGULAR PRISM UPSIDE DOWN, the different colours returned to be the same white light as at first.
    Caetana L.
    3ºESO C

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