Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Plastic language OUT OF PAPER!!!!!

Now that we are working with PAPER (ORIGAMI TURKEYS)...

Li Hongbo demonstrating, how his paper sculptures work. from Dominik Mersch Gallery on Vimeo.

Take the artistic talents of Anastassia Elias. Looking at an empty toilet paper roll one day, Anastassia was able to envision something more than trash. Using manicure scissors and tweezers, she creates scenes imitating the everyday lives of ordinary people and places.

and now, ...


So many things can be made out of paper! This time we are going to see how Élise Fouin, a French artist, makes furniture out of the material. 

And... using cardboard:

Using toilet paper and more things: Sakir Gokcebag, a turkish artist. Discover his artworks on his website.

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