Thursday, 4 October 2012

Typography. Interactive activities using ICT

Activities for the computer room
  • Look, you will be able to build your name using letters from Flickr. Look at my name:
 letter O letra S letra A

If you want to build yours, this is the link: You only have to write the name in the white box, click on "spell" and you will get your letters. If you want to change the type, just click on each letter and a new one will apperar.  Click right mouse button on each letter to save it as a jpg image. You can use them in your school homeworks, posters, in headlines, titles, headings... or just to write a letter or a greeting card to a friend. This is more original than using Word or PowerPoint WordArt. Isn´t it?.

  • Try another one. Using the software CoolText, we transform a text into amazing icons. I have used it and this is what I got:

  • The following one is in French, but I'm sure you will do with it: Coloriage Prenom.

Letters can be used to create whatever you like. Have a look:
Do you want to try?


  1. hellow rosa , I am marina from 1st B , how can I download the grafiti program?

  2. it is because we want to do a sorprise to my father and this program is very original

    1. Marina, you cannot download this software. Much better! You can use it ONLINE!. Design your texts and when you finish, copy the image as a jpg file. As you are not able to do it directly, you should type ALT+PrintScreen (Impr Pant) and then open Paint (for example) and PASTE. Afterwards you will be able to clean it and save it as a jpg file. Ask me if you have problems. Good luck!

  3. thank you really much! I will try an i´ll tell you

  4. Almaz, 1st B:
    If you send a message using "Contactar con la profe" it is supposed that you want a private answer, so you should write there your email. Ask me next Friday in the Computer Lab and I'll tell you how to use it.


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