Saturday, 28 May 2011

Color in Art

Art strokes 2.0
We are going to practice what we have learnt about colour and mixtures.

We are going to copy some masterpieces from Pointillism, Impressionism and Expressionism. This time we will be using acrylic paint.

As it is going to be big format, we are going to work in a collaborative way: each masterpiece is going to be painted by four teams of three or four students from all 1st classrooms: 1ºA, 1ºB, 1ºCDadvanced and 1ºCDintermediate. Therefore, each masterpiece is going to be painted by at least a dozen of students.

Notice that you have to create similar textures by small and rapid brushstrokes of different tints, shades and hues.

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  1. soy barto$ me gusta mucho el video por queme gusta como pinta dando las capas ,es decir por ejemplo primero pone blanco y despues de un momento le hecha naranja me gusta esa tactica queda muy xulo :)



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