Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hello! Welcome everybody to this "Plástica" blog.
Our goal is to use and learn Arts and English at the same time.
And... by the way, we will use and learn new technologies (but... without forgetting the traditional techniques).

But, above all,
I want you to enjoy it.

Now, have a look to these wonderful images:


  1. Hola Rosa soy Sergio G. 1ºA.Tu blog es chulííííííííííííííííííííííí...simo.Eres la mejor profesora de plástica.
    Un saludo hasta el martes.

  2. Sergio.... in English please! I'll see you on Tuesday. Thanks.

  3. I hope that with the help of all of us we'll make of this blog a LEGEN... (wait for it)...DARY blog.
    See you on Tuesday

  4. Legendary gag is a joke

  5. Raquel Muñozl Lopez27 September 2010 at 19:00

    Hi i'm Raquel from 1ºB .
    I love playing tennis and some other sports. I like reading and dancing in my free time .
    See you tomorrow!! =)

  6. I'm Miguel from 1ºA.I love drawing pictures so I think the arts and crafts class is going to be very funny¡:)See you soon

  7. Daniel F., I see you are fond of comments. This blog will be a legend with your help. Thanks.

  8. Raquel M. I hope you enjoy Arts too.

  9. Miguel M., I hope so, but don't forget you will have to work hard.


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