Friday, 27 February 2015

Underwater mystery: Learning about comics


  • Comic strip vocabulary on Quizlet: Practice vocabulary, reading and listening. Flashcards, and test. Then, you will play (and learn).
  • Toondoo. We are going to do our comic in Toondoo.
Look mine:

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Underwater mystery. A love story.

READING activity

You will discover many things about the "real artist" and the purpose of the mystery circle.
QR code to Spoon and Tamago (Japanese art, design and culture) article

Vocabulary and questions about the reading (thanks to Rebeka and Savannah, our LAs):

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Regular star polygons in Geogebra

Using Geogebra, learn changing the values: n=number of vertex and step

And changing different options:

  • Draw your own star polygon in Geogebra. Make your own design. (for students with special needs)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Underwater mystery. Circles.

Looking for inspiration:

Let's create our circles!

Photograph by Yoji Ookata and NHK. This will be your original model to interpretate.
Technical drawing:
  1. Create an hexagon. 
  2. Let's divide each side in halves (perpendicular bisector) and you will get a dodecagon (12 sides)
  3. Repeat again the same process. We will get 24 sides! (Icosakaitetrágono son los polígonos de 24 lados, in Spanish)
  4. Some concentrical circles and... your design.
Artwork for 3rd ESO C:
We will use tissue paper to create shapes (2D and 3D).

Artwork for 3rd ESO A and B:
We will use wool and a piece of wood to creat an star polygon.

Ready to design your mystery circle on a paper or on wood?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Underwater mystery: Puffer fish crafts, you choose it!

Let's make our puffer fish!
by Pufferfish

Work in pairs.
Any idea? Use the Internet to find different ideas to work with.
When you choose yours, upload here the article, video, image... on this padlet.

Being a puffer fish... It's a hard work!

 More here.

Underwater mystery. Artist discovered!

Mystery solved! Surprised? 
Was  PUFFER FISH your voted artist underwater?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Underwater mystery: Draw it!

In your opinion... How was the mystery circle made?

Draw it! Draw the "artist" working.
Free technique. Try to be imaginative and creative. Think outside the box!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Underwater Mystery. Who did it?


In your opinion...Who or what could have done it?
  • If you want to vote by using your mobile dispositive, scan this QR code:

Underwater mystery. Presenting the mystery


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration less than five percent of the world's oceans have been explored, meaning that 95% of what lies deep underwater on Earth has yet to be seen by human eyes.

Yoji Ookata, a freelance underwater photographer, while diving in the semi-tropical region of Amami Oshima (Japan), roughly 80 ft below sea level, discovered something he had never seen. And as it turned out, no one else had seen it before either.

Scan this QR code to see the localization on your mobile dispositive.

This is what Yoji saw:
Photograph by Yoji Ookata and NHK
On the seabed a geometric, circular structure measuring roughly 6.5 ft in diameter had been precisely carved from sand. It consisted of multiple ridges, symmetrically jutting out from the center.

The mystery circle appeared to be the work of an underwater artist, carefully working with tools.
A drafting compass? Ruler? Set squares?

What do you think?

Underwater mystery. Your tasks: Sketches



Komodo dragonIt is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, and others.

 Martians, aliens... Are they over here?

 Mermaid. More in Cuarto Milenio, yesterday 8th: 01:45:00

 NessieThe Loch Ness Monster is a cryptid who reputedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

 A diver. An Underwater Artist.

 KappaSupernatural legendary creature in Japan, river child. Based on the Japanese giant salamander.

Giant Octopus.

 Rainbow fishIn Hinduism, it was a fish that was as large as a whale.

 Puffer fish / blowfish. Poisonous!

 MizuchiJapanese dragon and sea god. It is a legendary serpent-like creature.