Saturday, 24 January 2015

Portraits and self-portraits online

  • Wordificator. Upload your jpg picture, write words you like and... "wordificate" it! 
  • Now a challenge. First practice with these tools and then, choose one an create something similar to a face.
  1. Typisart.
  2. Typedrawing.
  3. Robotype.
  4. Superveloz.
  • Obama me. Upload a photo and create a poster only with shapes.

Friday, 23 January 2015


self-portrait is a representation of an artist, drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist.
Self-portraits have been made by artists since the earliest times.
In the later 20th century and more so in the 21st century, new techniques and video are playing a part in furthering self-portraiture (artworks, crafts, videoblogs, digital self-portraits, selfie, etc.).

There are many different ways to make a self-portrait. It has not to be a traditional drawing or painting of your face.
1st ESO C, self-portraits example

"For a university project I was asked to produce 50 different paintings in completely different styles. I thought it would be a challenge to 50 self portraits. I had the whole summer to complete the project, but only left myself a week to do it.

I started off my researching my favourite artists hoping to generate a list of 50 styles. I decided on 25 to begin with and began painting then. I did a painting every 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of the style I was replicating. Styles varied from traditional painters such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Rembrandt to modern artists such as Chuck Close, Jenny Saville and many others. I produced a few cartoon versions of myself such as a Simpsons character, Beano character and in a Manga style."

Kyle Lambert, Visual Artist, Painter and Illustrator

Watch this video self-portrait exibited at Museum of Modern Art in New York City,

Making a self-portrait is a great way to express and explore your identity.

1st of ESO: Exploring
The idea is to do the silhouettes of your head and fill in your head with a magazine collage of what is going in your brain, what you prefer, what you are fond of...
Idea from:
Readers Digest
Ideas to get you started: clothes, music, words, sports, food, people you admire, singers, actors...
Trace your head on two white papers (using the window). Then filled in the head shape with magazine images in one of the papers. The second one will be the template of the final frame of your self-portrait, so, you will have to cut out the inside part. Let's do it.

3rd of ESO: Exploding

Create a collage illustration using your self-portrait picture (A3).
The folio society. Man 10
Nenad Dodic
 If you are too shy to show your face, you can modify your photo:
Meet Jack, handmade collage by StudioKoten, 2015

More examples.

What about creating a self-portrait using your favourite landscape in the background, foreground or both?
Haircut 1, 2012
Haircut 8, 2012
More examples in Enrin Case website.


Another way of making a portrait is using typography instead of a collage or paint. Take a look at 45 amazing Type Faces- Typographic Portraits. Really amazing! Le's make something similar with your pictures just writing your name (or your sign).

Bob Dylan, by CaliburlerSoul

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Web del Departamento de Artes Plásticas

¡Estrenamos web del Departamento de Artes Plásticas!
Familias, alumnos y visitantes, podréis acceder a la web del departamento de Artes Plásticas. En ella tendrán cabida otros temas que no se tratan en los blogs de aula (concursos, foros, taller de blogs, etc). Los alumnos y profesores autorizados, además, podrán acceder al área privada de la web con su cuenta de EducaMadrid.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Visual Communication

We are surrounded by images ...

A game:
Line up and choose...
R     F     A

Categories of art

View more PowerPoint from PaigeWideman

Image and perception

Do not forget!
  • Task 1: Find in the magazines in the classroom images of the different finalities we have studied. Cut them out and glue in a piece of paper.
  • Task 2: Manipulating an image. 1st ESO. Find a large photograph you like: a favourite musician, car, landscape... Cut your picture into horizontal or vertical strips. Make the strips as wide as you like. Create a feeling of distortion by guing the strips onto the space provided, using a certain order you have previously decided. For example, light to dark, different heights, every third strip upside down, etc. Although it is a simple activity, it can have interesting results if you first think about what effect you wish to create. Here you will find some examples of Image manipulation:
    • Task 3: Manipulating an image. 3rd ESO. You will have to create an Agamograph.(alternate images in accordion). You are going to be given two identical pictures (your photo). You have to paint them in Pop Art style: one of them in black and white, and the second one in colors. Then... we are going to create a 3D optical illution: an agamograph. Here you are some examples: