Sunday, 29 January 2012

January 30th - School Day of Peace and Non-Violence

Mahatma Gandhi
January 30th - School Day of Peace and Non-Violence
The School Day of Peace and Non-Violence was first celebrated in 1964. It emerged from Spanish professor Llorenc Vidal’s non-governmental, independent and volunteer pioneer initiative, Non-Violent and Peaceful Education. Its objective is to educate for and about tolerance, solidarity, agreement and respect for Human Rights, non-violence and peace. On this day, primary and secondary schools turn into instruments of peace and understanding among people of distinct occupations, races, cultures and religions.
The basic message of this day is: “Universal Love, Non-Violence and Peace.”
Furthermore, January 30th commemorates the death of the national and spiritual leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi, who was shot and killed by a fanatical Hindu on January 30th, 1948.

  • Do you want to try? You can use Wordle. Just a few words and you can get your own "word-poster".
  • Tagxedo. A lot of options but... it´s very easy. You can upload your own picture and get something like ... Do you recognize him?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Portraits: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as POP ART.

  • Andy Warhol´s Marilyn.  Create your own Marilyn.
  • Pop Art Poster. Create your Warhol poster using this online tool. You can upload your picture.
  • Befunky. Upload your picture, go to Effects and use Pop Art 10 effect.
  • Andy Warhol Quiz. Choose Andy Warhol and... PLAY. You will learn about Andy's life.

Portraits: Picasso

Picasso was a Spanish painter (Málaga 1881-1973). He is widely known for co-founding CUBISM (CUBIST Movement).

You are going to learn how to create a portrait in Picasso´s double face style. Follow the instructions and... I´m not going to stop the video, so...

Part 2

Self-portraits: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (also spelled Arcimboldi) (1527 – 1593) was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books – that is, he painted representations of these objects on the canvas arranged in such a way that the whole collection of objects formed a recognizable likeness of the portrait subject.

QUIZ: (In Spanish, for 4th ESO)

El test de Arcimboldo on PhotoPeach

  • Archimboldo Art Creator. Try to create a portrait using just fruit and vegetables, you only have to drag them.
  • Archimboldo Art Producer. Try to create a portrait using just fruit and vegetables (and a few other odds and ends). Click help button to see how to use the program.
  • Food-Archimboldo. A different tool to create portraits whith fruits.
  • You will make a self-portrait collage inspired by Archimboldo.

Self-portraits: Typography

Bob Dylan, by CaliburlerSoul
Another way of making a portrait is using typography instead of making a collage or paint. Have a look to 45 amazing Type Faces- Typographic Portraits. Really amazing!
Le's make something similar with your pictures just writing your name (or your sign).
Here you will find some typographic portraits created by students like you.


Your tasks: SELF-PORTRAITS, explore your identity

Our Arts Exhibition Panel looks this way:

SELF-PORTRAITS: exploring your identity - 1st C ESO 2011/2012 on PhotoPeach

SELF-PORTRAITS: exploring your identity - 1st B ESO 2011/2012 on PhotoPeach

SELF-PORTRAITS exploring your identity - 1st A ESO 2011/2012 on PhotoPeach

Your tasks: SAND ART

You really enjoyed this interactive activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artist:  RUBÉN M - 1st ESO C    Title: COLOURFUL RAIN

These are more results. You can click on the image to get into thisissand gallery and see your artworks in a bigger size. Type "leon felipe" and click on "Search":

The making-of:

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Self-portraits: Explore your identity

There are many different ways to make a self-portrait. It doesn’t have to be a traditional drawing or a painting of your face. Enjoy this video:

Idea from:
Making a self-portrait is a great way to express and explore your identity.

The idea is to do the silhouettes of your head and fill in your head with a magazine collage of what is going in your brain, what you prefer, what you are fond of...

Ideas to get you started: clothes, music, words, sports, food, people you admire, singers, actors...
Trace your head on two white papers (using the window). Then filled in the head shape with magazine images in one of the papers. The second one will be the template of the final frame of your self-portrait, so, you will have to cut out the inside part. Let's do it.

Here you will find some examples made by last year students.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sand Art

Let's see if you like this video. You can practice next summer on the beach, but, if you cannot wait for that, use a table and flour, although I'm afraid it will not be the same.
If you want more information about this Israeli artist, Ilana Yahav, and have a look to her work, you can visit her website here.

Did you enjoy? Let´s see another one:

An activity for the computer classroom

Now, it´s your turn.

Be a sand artist
I know that it is not the same, but there is an online software to create your own sand picture. Its name is  thisissand. Use the mouse to start and the sand begins to fall. To change the colour use the letter "C" in your keyboard, to erase what you have done use the letter "E", and with the arrows you will use the different colours you have selected before. Try, its funny!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Language and visual communication

We are surrounded by images ...


MYTHOLOGICAL MONSTERS AND MORE - 1st ESO C 2011/2012 on PhotoPeach

MYTHOLOGICAL MONSTERS AND MORE - 1st ESO B 2011/2012 on PhotoPeach

MYTHOLOGICAL MONSTERS AND MORE - 1st ESO A 2011/2012 on PhotoPeach